It is said that every person on the planet is a maximum of 6 connections away from every other person on the planet.  This is thrilling! But the truth is, we have never been more disconnected. We are struggling more than ever with issues like patriarchy, racism, sexism, leadership, hierarchy, partnership, ethics, values and culture – all aspects of human connection. The greatest challenge of our modern time is to find ways to relate and interact deeply and sincerely in an ultra-connected world in which we have never been more fractured and distant.

We help people and organizations to come together in new ways that bring about what we call a 6 Degree Shift.

What We Do

We work with people and organizations and help them to unlock new ways of being and doing. This is what we call the 6 Degree Shift. Why 6 Degrees? Well, to be honest the expectation of the much vaunted “180-degree shift in people/organizations” sounds good but it misses the mark. It is not only unrealistic, it is unnecessary.

If we could achieve a 6 Degree Shift in people, it would be so huge it would change the world. After all, just 6 degrees connects every human being on the planet.  And when this shift happens people get connected with themselves – their purpose and mission –  and with one another and the organization, in a way that makes companies and community groups function better.

Products and Services

We work with leaders, exco’s, Governing Bodies and teams to make the following critical shifts:

From Organization to Community

From Leadership to Stewardship

From Consumerism to Connection

From Diversity and Inclusion to Relationship and Care

From Safety to Value

From Patriarchy to Partnership

From Compliance, Constraint, Control and Contract to Discipline, Stretch, Support and Trust


Rama Naidu
rama@6degreeshift.com | 083 560 1327